Plein Air at the Park

It’s been a while since I posted.  To be honest, it’s been a while since I did any art.  Life has been busier than normal (is that possible?). Then today a double blessing – we all went to the park with enough leisure time for me to realize I might get in some sketching AND my 2yo Hurricane fell asleep at the park (first time ever for the highly energetic bundle she is).  This meant I was given a chance to practice watercolor plein air.  Yay me!

I haven’t studied that many watercolor tutorials yet.  But I did manage to get my paintings to evolve just with trial and lots of errors.   I started with just drawing and realized a little belatedly that this was my chance to try out some painting.20190511_192133

Then I tried again and went too wet with the paints so I kind of lost control of shaping and values.20190511_192138

The third attempt I went for form and control, remembering to do light values to dark (the opposite of oils).20190511_192301

Finally, I put it all together for a decent first day conclusion.  20190511_192339

Then as I opened my sketchbook, I found a subtle reminder of an artist’s life with children hanging around.  There are a half dozen new pages filled with drawings like this in my sketchbook.  The Hurricane strikes again!  Although this time, it’s a moment worth preserving.



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