Slowvember, the slowest of the slow . . .

Ok, it’s not entirely true that I’m just really slow. It’s just that sometimes, after the rounds with kids and homework and housework and bed, there isn’t time (or brain power) for drawing.

So now I’m back at it!

My theme is like a day-in-the-life-of kindof thing – “An afternoon with homeschoolers”. It’s one I don’t really have to research too much on to get the stories, because I was homeschooled, and my kids were homeschooled. So this is basically how our house used to look on a daily basis.

I did, however, research different living room/kitchen photos to help envision the space I wanted to create rather than just using my living room.

I had done all sorts of thumbnails, just to figure out the space I was trying to portray.

Then I did a small thumbnail-ish sketch of how I wanted the room to look, since I had very specific criteria that I wanted to portray in my illustration.

And I turned this into a bit bigger sketch during an art chat with with my 12yo. I was explaining how drawing boxes without a horizonline eventually lands you in trouble (all the while landing in trouble) and making sure perspective is right is crucial in the long run.

Now I’m back at thumbnails to get the perspective/POV I want and structure the composition, although, I might have to take back my drawing table if I want to get anything done.

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