New Year, New Goals, More Art and a BIG High Five!

2019 is over. My goals did not materialize the way I wanted them to. The main reason is the fact that art and illustration are not “my main gig”, and juggling around everything else in my life gets hectic if not chaotic at times. But in all fairness, I did complete 2 goals of 2019 – I improved my inking ability through Inktober and daily drawing, and I drew over 100 bears.

For 2020, I would like consistency to be my main focus – consistency of drawing practice (time), consistency of drawing ability (skill), and consistency of posting online. I’ve also got a goal of learning to draw the human figure.

Since drawing over 100 bears got me to be more comfortable with fur, with inking, and with drawing the basic shape of a bear, I’ve decided to draw 100 of each – hands, heads and figures this year. Here are the first 5 hands. They are clunky and awkward, but they are a start in understanding the hand as a form. I’m starting by working my way through Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis. Let the improvement begin!

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