January Inktober52 Stories

This post is a bit delayed, but here are the Inktober52 prompts for January and the illustrations I managed to get done for them.


For the first one, I didn’t really think up a story beyond the sequence of a bird lifting off into FLIGHT.


Then came SHADOW, and I learned how to design a composition that would tell a story using ink wash and crosshatching. The story was taken from my daughter, defending her turf from the shadowy dragon rather than being intimidated by it.


I think BRICK is one of my better overall compositions. I’m really proud of how the bricks turned out. This one is something that crosses my mind when I watch squirrels scale the brick wall near our house, while the rabbits are stuck watching them from below.

In SNAKE, I think I managed to take things a step further. I had story, composition, and wash all working well together. I just wanted a bit more crosshatching in the design. I had a question put to me of, what if a snake wanted a new way of getting around and wanted legs?

All in all, a good start to 2020!

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