Yellow-Billed Magpie and the start of watercolor practice

Yellow-Billed Magpie, 4×6 Watercolor on paper

So I think it’s pretty obvious looking back over my blog that I have inconsistency issues with at least my posting schedule. Yet another 2020 goal forgotten due to COVID-19. Nevertheless I feel like the eternal creep toward better skills in art is making progress. At least now I’m working in color again!

A bit of background. I have virtually no skill in watercolor, save a class I took the summer I was 12 and several books I have lread. I feel infinitely more at home with oils where I can cover over my many mistakes.

That being said, I am starting to realize that thinking of painting lights to darks requires a lot more pre-painting thought and therefore planning ahead (not my strong point). No offense to the many fantastic watercolor artists out there, but it feels like I’m thinking backwards when I consider lighter values first. Yet even at this early stage I can see a continuation of such thinking helping my overall process in art no matter what medium I am using. My kids have forced me to acknowledge that I’m growing my brain as a muscle by using watercolor and therefore the uncomfortable feeling that I get, not unlike their discomfort in doing algebra problems or converting fractions to decimals, is completely just a side effect of the use of weak muscles. Darn it! Didn’t expect that to come back at me so soon.

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