Days 10 and 11

Day 10: Pattern


For this one, I was playing off the fact that there are black bears and white bears. I thought I’d make a pattern. Then the story in my head said, where would a panda fit? Really loving how the panda turned out!

Day 11: Snow


This one took a while. I was trying to create more of a storyline. Not sure I got it right, but am starting to understand more and more.


Before beginning this drawing I had started work in a Crosshatching class on (Thank you @bryanthegirl for the amazing class!). So my brain was already thinking in layers of black and white before I began. Then I had a solid 2-hour block (I love when toddlers take long naps!) to draw away. This is where I think I leveled up a bit. Or at least, it’s starting to make sense with the values and contour lines for the crosshatching.

Day 6: HUSKY

There is always a time in drawing when you get to a spot that you can’t simply work your way through. This was mine. I draw several sketches of bears and huskies and sleds in preparation. I tried several ideas out. The first was to have the bear pulling the dog in the sled.

Then I finally settled on this one, not because the composition was great or the rendering, but because I had exhausted myself or the moment and had to step away. The nature of Inktober is to draw 1 drawing a day with ink, not make a masterpiece. It’s a challenge to learn inking. Many things get in the way – kids, work, and my own level of fatigue or ability to concentrate. Maybe I’ll return to this drawing at some point and make a great illustration out of it. But for now, it’s time to move forward.